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Team Axion Now 03/03/2020
Introducing Team Axion in 2020 Promo Image
The competitive landscape of Magic the Gathering has changed significantly in the last year or so and Team Axion has changed with it. Following the changes to Grand Prix and an increased importance being placed on Online Play we’ve had some roster changes as some of the more tenured members have moved away from the game. read more...
Team Axion Now 01/01/2017
Introducing Team Axion in 2017 Promo Image
Get to know the Team Axion players heading into this new and exciting Magical year. read more...
Team Axion Now 12/05/2016
Introducing Team Axion Now Promo Image
Team Axion Now is the newest, most exciting and probably best-looking team to grace the English Magic scene. We explain the background ... read more...