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Joao Choca 24/05/2019
Arena is the Future Promo Image
Team Axion’s Joao Choca delves into the changing landscape of playing Magic online and discusses the positive and negative elements Arena brings to the table. read more...
Joao Choca 02/04/2019
GP Bilbao and the State of Modern Promo Image
Team Axion’s resident Modern expert, Joao Choca, explains his thought process on choosing a deck for Grand Prix Bilbao and analyses the results of the tournament ahead of Mythic Championship London. read more...
Joao Choca 20/11/2018
Franjeskai, KCI and Sai Promo Image
Joao walks us through three events over three weeks, from GP Lille to PT Atlanta. He starts with Standard in Lille before moving onto his Modern Top 8 at GP Atlanta and then Pro Tour where he finished 10-6 and coming within sight of his coveted Silver Level. read more...
Joao Choca 04/08/2018
The Good, The Bad and The Duck: Three Weekends Promo Image
Team Axion member Joao Choca discusses the preparation process and the tournament that led to him clawing his way to the trophy at Grand Prix Turin. read more...
Joao Choca 10/09/2017
Nationals 101 Promo Image
With Nationals around the corner, Joao gives some insight into what Standard holds in store for players! read more...
Joao Choca 01/07/2017
Affinity for Modern Promo Image
With Modern season on the horizon Joao takes a look at one of the most potent decks in Modern: Affinity. He deconstructs each card choice and offers you some choice tips on this GP winning deck. read more...
Joao Choca 06/03/2017
Much Mardu about Nothing Promo Image
Following his Top 16 finish in Grand Prix Utrecht, Joao goes over Mardu Vehicles, with advice on how to tune and sideboard with the deck. read more...
Joao Choca 02/03/2017
Boarding School Promo Image
Joao looks at the nuances of sideboarding and talks about some of the common pitfalls or mistakes players make between games. read more...
Joao Choca 21/12/2016
2016 Evolution of Modern Assets Promo Image
Modern in 2016 ranged from best to worst and everything in between. Joao analyses how the format has evolved and gives a snapshot of the current metagame heading into the new year! read more...
Joao Choca 17/11/2016
Once a Ponder Time in Legacy Promo Image
New to Legacy? Joao analyses the format's turn 1 plays to help you prepare for the upcoming Legacy Masters tournament at Axion Now read more...
Joao Choca 23/04/2016
Limited Success at Pro Tour Madrid Promo Image
GP Bologna was great for Team Axion Now, the team successfully snuck 3 team members into PT Madrid. Now we’d have to go and show the world we aren’t just a fluke. read more...