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Tom Law 26/01/2018
Rivals of Ixalan Limited: Initial Primer Promo Image
Tom and the Axion Now team gives you their take on the Rivals of Ixalan format for weekend. read more...
Tom Law 22/11/2017
There's no I in team Promo Image
Tom Law reflects on what makes a successful pro team, and what Team Axion have learnt over the last year! read more...
Tom Law 16/03/2017
Learning from the Past Promo Image
Tom goes over clips from a game he played during his run to a top 16 finish at GP Utrecht. read more...
Tom Law 13/10/2016
The Law: Drafting with my favourite keyword. Promo Image
Hot off the back of a 15th place finish at GP London with a 5-0-1 record in the draft portion, Tom brings you this video of him drafting his favourite archetype (in all formats) with guests Raoul Zimmermann and Jack Doyle. read more...
Tom Law 29/08/2016
With modern season in full swing and the Modern WMCQ right around the corner, our very own Tom Law gives you the lowdown on the deck he took to a 25th place finish at GP Lille read more...