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Raoul Zimmermann 04/04/2019
Praise the Dredge Gods Promo Image
After making the finals of the Friday PTQ and a 19th place finish at GP Bilbao, Raoul offers his insight on how to play with and circumvent the hate with one of Modern's most fearsome decks; Dredge read more...
Raoul Zimmermann 21/11/2018
Guilds of Ravnica Sealed Promo Image
In this article, Raoul takes an in-depth look at Guilds of Ravnica Sealed, focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of the guilds and the general makeup of the format. read more...
Raoul Zimmermann 19/07/2018
Battlebox: Honing your Limited Skills Promo Image
Raoul takes a look at how Battle Boxes, the fun diversion for in between rounds at tournaments, can teach you important concepts for regular Limited play. read more...
Raoul Zimmermann 11/09/2017
Hour of Devastation Draft Promo Image
Raoul Zimmermann and Sean Li take a look at what Hour of Devastation has brought to the table for draft! read more...
Raoul Zimmermann 02/10/2016
First assumptions on Kaladesh Limited Promo Image
With GP London in mind, Raoul Zimmerman has a first look at the makeup of Kaladesh read more...