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Autumn Burchett 26/03/2019
Autumn Burchett plays Mono-Blue Tempo! Promo Image
Mythic Champion Autumn Burchett shows off their skill with the deck they used to dominate the competition at the first ever Mythic Championship! read more...
Autumn Burchett 23/11/2018
Autumn Burchett plays Golgari Midrange! Promo Image
Join Autumn as they play a competitive constructed event on Magic Arena with the Golgari Midrange deck they took to a 20th place finish at Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica! read more...
Autumn Burchett 24/01/2017
Autumn at Grand Prix Madrid Promo Image
After a successful win at the Axion Now Mega GPT Standard in October, Autumn Burchett was flown out to Madrid to take on over 1000 other Magic players in the exciting new Kaladesh standard format. Below she wrote about her experience, deck choices and some of the other decks she encountered during the Grand Prix! read more...