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Niels Molle 01/09/2018
The Hidden Cost of MTG Promo Image
Gold Level Pro and PT regular Niels Molle talks about the struggles associated with high level competitive Magic. read more...
Niels Molle 07/07/2018
Pro Tour Dominaria Promo Image
Gold Pro and Team Axion member Niels Molle discusses his tournament and preparation for Pro Tour Dominaria! read more...
Niels Molle 08/09/2017
A Year on the Pro Tour (Part Two) Promo Image
Niels completes his two part series on his journey to Gold level status. read more...
Niels Molle 24/07/2017
A Year on the Pro Tour (Part One) Promo Image
With the final Pro Tour of the year on the horizon, Niels reflects on the past year in the Pro Players Club. read more...
Niels Molle 04/03/2017
Pro Tour Aether Revolt Draft Camp Promo Image
Niels discusses the AER/KLD Draft format and his preparation for Grand Prix Prague and Pro Tour Aether Revolt! read more...