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Kayure Patel 25/08/2018
The Importance of Having a Plan In Limited Promo Image
Team Axion Now’s Kayure looks at one of the most important limited lessons he's learned from teammate and Gold Level Pro, Niels Molle. read more...
Kayure Patel 25/02/2018
Jundstice Prevails Promo Image
Kayure Patel aka @BloodbraidElf rejoices as his namesake makes her long awaited return to Modern. He tries to contain his excitement long enough to work out how best to use it. read more...
Kayure Patel 06/03/2017
Black, Green and mean in Pro Tour Aether Revolt Promo Image
Kayure breaks down the Black/Green deck his team mate took to the Top 8 of Pro Tour Aether Revolt and discusses the future of Black/Green in the Standard metagame. read more...