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Francesco Giorgio 03/09/2019
Modern Horizons Draft Primer Promo Image
In preparation for the European Modern Series Finals, Team Axion’s Francesco Giorgio brings you a detailed primer on drafting Modern Horizons! read more...
Francesco Giorgio 11/01/2019
Synergies in Ultimate Masters Sealed Promo Image
Team Axion Now limited expert Francesco Giorgio talks about how to tackle the sealed format of the last ever Masters set, proposing a card evaluation and deck building strategy based on small synergy over raw power. read more...
Francesco Giorgio 06/12/2018
An Overview of Jeskai Control in Standard Promo Image
Francesco Giorgio takes a look at one of the major archetypes of the Standard format, that after months of the set release, still appears at tournaments top tables with a variety of decklists. This article will shed some light on the card choices around Jeskai Control and how to tune it to beat any specific metagame you might expect. read more...
Francesco Giorgio 16/08/2018
Bant Turbofog Promo Image
Team Axion member and Silver Level Pro Francesco Giorgio discusses the deck he played at Pro Tour 25; the most innovative deck in Standard in recent years, Bant Turbofog! read more...
Francesco Giorgio 15/09/2017
A Temur Primer Promo Image
Francesco Giorgio takes a look at one of the most important decks in the current standard meta - Temur Black! read more...
Francesco Giorgio 05/06/2017
GP Bologna Report Promo Image
Franceso goes over what to look out for in Amonkhet sealed, following his experience at GP Bologna. read more...
Francesco Giorgio 28/04/2017
First Impressions of Amonkhet Limited Promo Image
Francesco brings you a pre-primer to the latest set by breaking down the mechanics, the archetypes and the highlights and lowlights of the set. read more...