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Standard Intelligence 27/06/2019
Magic Burnout Promo Image
We look at some more previews from Magic 2020, and then have a discussion about Magic burnout. read more...
Joao Choca 24/05/2019
Arena is the Future Promo Image
Team Axion’s Joao Choca delves into the changing landscape of playing Magic online and discusses the positive and negative elements Arena brings to the table. read more...
George Channing 18/05/2019
Paper Drafting is better at making you better! Promo Image
Preparing for Limited tournaments online may be hurting your chances to win. Team Axion’s George Channing makes the case for Drafting in paper. read more...
Joao Choca 02/04/2019
GP Bilbao and the State of Modern Promo Image
Team Axion’s resident Modern expert, Joao Choca, explains his thought process on choosing a deck for Grand Prix Bilbao and analyses the results of the tournament ahead of Mythic Championship London. read more...
Matt Brown 13/03/2019
Why do players like Competitive paper Magic? Promo Image
With the recent uncertainty surrounding the future of Competitive paper Magic events; Team Axion’s Matt Brown takes a deeper look at what players love most about it. read more...
Francesco Giorgio 11/01/2019
Synergies in Ultimate Masters Sealed Promo Image
Team Axion Now limited expert Francesco Giorgio talks about how to tackle the sealed format of the last ever Masters set, proposing a card evaluation and deck building strategy based on small synergy over raw power. read more...
Niels Molle 01/09/2018
The Hidden Cost of MTG Promo Image
Gold Level Pro and PT regular Niels Molle talks about the struggles associated with high level competitive Magic. read more...
Kayure Patel 25/08/2018
The Importance of Having a Plan In Limited Promo Image
Team Axion Now’s Kayure looks at one of the most important limited lessons he's learned from teammate and Gold Level Pro, Niels Molle. read more...
Raoul Zimmermann 19/07/2018
Battlebox: Honing your Limited Skills Promo Image
Raoul takes a look at how Battle Boxes, the fun diversion for in between rounds at tournaments, can teach you important concepts for regular Limited play. read more...
Dr Katie Roberts 14/03/2018
What is Magic? Promo Image
Dr. Katie Roberts kicks off an exciting new series of articles, giving a comprehensive introduction to Magic: The Gathering! read more...
Kayure Patel 25/02/2018
Jundstice Prevails Promo Image
Kayure Patel aka @BloodbraidElf rejoices as his namesake makes her long awaited return to Modern. He tries to contain his excitement long enough to work out how best to use it. read more...
Tom Law 22/11/2017
There's no I in team Promo Image
Tom Law reflects on what makes a successful pro team, and what Team Axion have learnt over the last year! read more...
Sean Knowelden 16/03/2017
Expected value vs Experience Value Promo Image
Sean Knowledon takes a look at Periliously Predicting Trends of Quality, or in other words, what you should expect to gain from going to a PPTQ. read more...
Sean Knowelden 19/01/2017
Everybody Scrubs Promo Image
So you've figured out exactly how to target the metagame, you're bluffing left, right and centre and doing everything perfectly - but you're still not winning GPs? In this article, Sean talks about the other facets of your game to work on - and accept. read more...