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Standard Intelligence 31/03/2020
Episode 122 - Legacy Primer Promo Image
Continuing our series of primer episodes to non-rotating formats, this week I have GP Top 8 competitor in Legacy at Bologna, Matt Brown, to give us a look at the macro-archetypes that dominate the format. read more...
Francois Hauchard 02/05/2017
Legacy: Top 8 deck list from MEGA GPT Promo Image
Congratulations to the Top 8 players in Axion Now's MEGA GPT on Sunday 30th April. You'll find the decklists here. read more...
Joao Choca 17/11/2016
Once a Ponder Time in Legacy Promo Image
New to Legacy? Joao analyses the format's turn 1 plays to help you prepare for the upcoming Legacy Masters tournament at Axion Now read more...
Thomas Kellock 14/04/2016
Legacy’s Allure - An introduction to Legacy Promo Image
Thomas Kellock explores why the fun, complexity and variety of decks, longer shelf life is encouraging more and more people to play legacy read more...