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Standard Intelligence 28/02/2019
An Interview with Paul White Promo Image
This week we gather intelligence on a Modern WAB from Harlequins Preston, and a Standard WAB from Axion Now, as well as discussing last week's announcements. read more...
Standard Intelligence 21/02/2019
What happened at the RPTQ and LCQ Promo Image
This week we have a discussion with Paul White about his amazing run at the LCQ/RPTQ weekend with Esper control. read more...
Standard Intelligence 14/02/2019
Standard Intelligence Podcast Promo Image
Standard Intelligence: This week we gather intelligence on the RPTQ and LCQ hosted by Axion Now. read more...
Joao Choca 20/11/2018
Franjeskai, KCI and Sai Promo Image
Joao walks us through three events over three weeks, from GP Lille to PT Atlanta. He starts with Standard in Lille before moving onto his Modern Top 8 at GP Atlanta and then Pro Tour where he finished 10-6 and coming within sight of his coveted Silver Level. read more...
Niels Molle 07/07/2018
Pro Tour Dominaria Promo Image
Gold Pro and Team Axion member Niels Molle discusses his tournament and preparation for Pro Tour Dominaria! read more...
George Channing 05/06/2018
Pro Tour Dominaria Analysis Promo Image
Team Axion Now member and resident metagame analyst George Channing takes a deeper look at the results from Pro Tour Dominaria. read more...
James Allingham 05/12/2017
A Company You Can Count On! Promo Image
Team Axion member James Allingham breaks down Counters Company, the deck which qualified him for his first Pro Tour! read more...
George Channing 15/11/2017
Dinosaurs, Pirates and Preperation Promo Image
Team Axion Now’s George Channing discusses his preparation for Pro Tour Ixalan in depth! read more...
Niels Molle 08/09/2017
A Year on the Pro Tour (Part Two) Promo Image
Niels completes his two part series on his journey to Gold level status. read more...
Niels Molle 24/07/2017
A Year on the Pro Tour (Part One) Promo Image
With the final Pro Tour of the year on the horizon, Niels reflects on the past year in the Pro Players Club. read more...
George Channing 18/05/2017
Pro Tour Amonkhet Analysis Promo Image
Team Axion Now’s resident Standard analyst gives you an insight into what the team have taken from the Pro Tour last weekend and how to use it! read more...
Sean Knowelden 16/03/2017
Expected value vs Experience Value Promo Image
Sean Knowledon takes a look at Periliously Predicting Trends of Quality, or in other words, what you should expect to gain from going to a PPTQ. read more...
Kayure Patel 06/03/2017
Black, Green and mean in Pro Tour Aether Revolt Promo Image
Kayure breaks down the Black/Green deck his team mate took to the Top 8 of Pro Tour Aether Revolt and discusses the future of Black/Green in the Standard metagame. read more...
George Channing 05/06/2016
Mobilized for War: RPTQ Stansted Promo Image
George Channing describes preparation and playing at Sealed RPTQ read more...