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This week we continue our exploration of powerful decks that didn't make a splash at the Mythic Championship, looking at Gruul midrange, and having a discussion of the many choices available to the deck.

News: 1:10
Deep Dive: 17:20

Intro and Outro Music: Bit Quest by Kevin Macleod
News Theme: NewsSting by Kevin Macleod

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About Standard Intelligence:

Standard Intelligence is a podcast focussing on the standard competitive metagame in the UK&I. Its aim is to let you know which decks are doing well, decks that may be advantageous to play, and technology for you to use against the likely decks at your next standard event. The show is hosted by PPTQ grinders Jack Patten and Simeon Beever. Simeon has been playing paper magic since Born of the Gods, but has been aware of magic since playing Shandalar many years ago. In the real world Simeon is a teacher, husband and father, though not necessarily in that order. Jack originally learned magic from a VHS tape in 1999, but only really started playing during Dragons of Tarkir. As a muggle, Jack will claim he is “The most overqualified house-husband in the world” having recently completed his PhD in Physics, though in reality he spends most of his time making Magic content. He still has the VHS tape.