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This is the metagame report from the Pioneer for Goodies (WPNQ Preliminary) run by Axion Now on 23rd February 2020.


51 Players battled it out over 6 rounds leading into a top 8 playoff and further playoffs for the players in 9th to 24th place.


The field was incredibly diverse, with 24 different decks covering everything from Aggro to Control via Combo, Midrange and Tempo. There were three different decks all trying to pile enchantments on a creature to win, but each in a different colour pair as Selesnya, Azorius and Orzhov all tried to build their own bogle.


Blue was the most popular colour with 57% of decks playing at least one blue card in their main deck. White was the least popular colour, with only 21% of decks tapping into the power of Plains. On the other hand though Blue was the only colour not to field at least one mono-coloured aggressive deck.

The colour dominance was reflected in the sideboards, with a total of 70 copies of Mystical Dispute played across the 51 decks. People were also showing respect to Lotus Breach, with 42 Damping Spheres lurking in their sideboards, ready to spend a few games ruining hopes and dreams.


Lotus Breach was not the most popular deck in the tournament though, as ten copies of Sultai Delirium made it by far the most played deck. Second most popular was a combo-tie with 5 players piloting Lotus Breach and 5 on Dimir Inverter. They were closely followed by 4 players each on Bant Spirits and Mono Red Aggro. Only two more decks had multiple pilots, with both Hardened Scales and Izzet Ensoul being the choice of three players. The full starting metagame was:

Starting Metagame


After 6 hard-fought rounds of Magic the final top 8also reflected this diversity, with 6 different decks.Sultai Delirium though proved itself a good choice for this event, increasing its metagame share from 19.5% to 37.5%.

Top 8 Metagame

About Tim Boura:

Tim was head judge at this Pioneer for Goodies (WPNQ Preliminary). Thanks, Tim for running such a smooth event & for this analysis