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Magic at Home

Over the coming weeks, we will be trying to provide with useful information and advice on how to keep up your paper Magic habit. This week we will be starting with Unsanctioned.

If you already have a copy, why not get it out now and introduce it to those in your household? If you don't have a copy, you can buy yours here!


Welcome to the best-unauthorized fight club in the Multiverse. The rules are unhinged, the stadium is unstable, and things are about to become unglued.

Missing paper Magic?

Struggling with being stuck indoors?

Why not broaden your horizons and enjoy Magic at its craziest, wackiest, strangest best!

Unsanctioned is a unique, out-of-the-box Magic the Gathering experience that is perfect for both seasoned veterans and fresh-faced newcomers.

If you’re one of the latter, we have some useful resources for you here.

Here are some serious reasons to play Unsanctioned

  • A Magic experience unlike any other
  • Incredible replayability through different combinations of 30 card decks
  • Stunning new Un-lands, in both premium and regular versions
  • Some of the greatest Un-cards from the past as reprints
  • 16 unique, brand new cards just for Unsanctioned


Less serious reasons to play Unsanctioned

  • The world is currently upside-down so what better time to play this crazy take on Magic
  • Ward off potential arguments by settling your different on Un-battlefield
  • Get to meet Richard Garfield, Ph.D. the creator of Magic the Gathering (in card form)


Check out the full card gallery, here!


Buy yours here!

About Francois Hauchard:

Dr Francois Hauchard PhD, ex-international MTG player, introduced MTG to the Chilterns in England in 2006. The hobby proved so popular and enjoyable it has turned into a business! Francois now runs Axion Now with partner, Elizabeth Kolb Barnetson.