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4Simian Spirit Guide
4Undercity Informer
4Balustrade Spy
1Salvage Titan


1Shatterskull Smashing
4Agadeem's Awakening
4Creeping Chill
4Hagra Mauling
4Emeria's Call
1Nexus of Fate
4Sea Gate Restoration
4Turntimber Symbiosis


4Pentad Prism
3Sword of the Meek
4Talisman of Resilience


4Nature's Claim
1Void Snare
4Goblin Charbelcher
4Leyline of Sanctity

2 Narcomoeba |4 Simian Spirit Guide |4 Undercity Informer |4 Balustrade Spy |4 Vengevine |1 Salvage Titan |1 Phantasmagorian|3 Thoughtseize |1 Shatterskull Smashing |4 Agadeem's Awakening |4 Creeping Chill |4 Hagra Mauling |4 Emeria's Call |1 Nexus of Fate |4 Sea Gate Restoration |4 Turntimber Symbiosis|4 Pentad Prism |3 Sword of the Meek |4 Talisman of Resilience|1 Duress|4 Nature's Claim |1 Thoughtseize |1 Void Snare |4 Goblin Charbelcher |4 Leyline of Sanctity|


Away with no land hands! Away with bad top decks! There are only spells in this house.


The exciting new deck in a format that rarely sees change featuring the recently released Modal Double Faced Cards (MDFCs) fresh from Zendikar Rising.

The aim of the deck is to get an Undercity Informer or a Balustrade Spy down on turn 3 or 4 and mill your entire deck because you run no lands.

Once in your graveyard the 2 Narcomoeba in the deck will return to the battlefield. This will trigger the 3 Sword of the Meek to also return and attach themselves to the Narcomoebas.

Next up you exile 3 miscellaneous artifacts from your graveyard to return Salvage Titan to your hand. Then you sacrifice the swords instead of paying Salvage Titan's mana cost to put it onto the battlefield. Because this is the second creature you've cast this turn, the 4 Vengevine in your graveyard return to the battlefield.

Your opponent will have taken 12 damage already from the Creeping Chill's so the Vengevines should be able to finish them off.

1 copy of Nexus of Fate allows you to have another stab at killing the opponent next turn if you failed to swing for lethal. 

In the sideboard there is also Goblin Charbelcher as an alternate way to win to get around graveyard hate!


A very fun combo deck with an interesting win condition. Click Buy Now to import to whole list to our deckbuilder tool.


This list was run by FreakNightmare at the Modern Challenge #12218052 where it went 6-1


Merry Modern Magic Playing,

From Luke Miller @ Axion Now



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