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Even though my testing was sparse, due to my consistent choice of deck (Nahiri Jeskai) I had a good knowledge of the various match-ups. Modern has so many good decks which put up good results, it’s important to pick a deck you enjoy and stick with it.

I was excited to take home the purple envelope and after some consideration and some persuasion from my brother I decided to take some savings I had and go on an extended journey with Sydney as the destination.


Coogee beach
July 4th: Encountering a double rainbow on the Bondi to Coogee beach walk.



Opera House at dawn
Well worth waking up at 5am to catch the sunrise over the Opera House before our flight in the afternoon.



Excited to fly.pngMilan

July 6th: Excited to fly! Hungry pigeons in Milan



Dotonbori CanalOsaka.png

July 9th: Japan! Dotonbori Canal and the picturesque streets in Osaka Suburbs



DeerNara Park

July 13th: Feeding deer and seeking shelter from the rain in Nara park



Gion Matsuri festivalEDM Prerelease

July 17th: Arrived in Kyoto, the Gion Matsuri festival and EDM Prerelease coincide! Always grateful for 5 on colour bombs :D



Shinjuku Parktest print Survival of the Fittest

July 21st: We found a small shrine in Shinjuku Park. Great view just after some rain! The legendary test print Survival of the Fittest; this one’s on the bucket list.



The Ghibli-esque seaside town of Enoshimalove is in the air

July 25th: The Ghibli-esque seaside town of Enoshima; love is in the air.



Kuala LumpurMarkets

July 27th: Quick stop in Kuala Lumpur! I can always find time to browse cheap markets.



GP SydneyGP Sydney 2

July 29th: GP Sydney, I had a blast playing even though I didn’t make day 2! Played against (beat) Antonio de Rosa! and met a few Pros playing in the Pro Tour the following weekend.



We stayed in Airbnbs for the duration of the trip but only had a host during our stay in Sydney. I would recommend this for anyone travelling in smaller groups as the knowledge they can provide about the local area and sightseeing can be valuable especially in a country where you’re not fluent in the language.

I have to thank Axion and its staff for this amazing opportunity. Wouldn’t have happened without their support. I am looking forward to all their future MEGA GPTs and encourage everyone to go. For anyone itching for competitive events these are truly worth travelling to! And if you win a MEGA GPT…. take a week (or more) to travel the country and its neighbours.


Axion Now's next MEGA GPT will be Sunday 16th October in Milton Keynes

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About Jan Huang:

Jan is a semi-competitive player with a GP top 32 and multiple money finishes in independent UK events. His favourite formats are Modern and Limited especially the playing, theory and collecting of his Cube. Currently working part time in a bar and studying Chinese language, slinging cards in between.