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Learning from the Past

Following his excellent top 16 finish with Mardu Vehicles at GP Utrecht, Tom brings us a video analysis of his game during round 12 of the GP coverage. Join him to hear his thoughts about the game; how he arrived at his decisions and how to improve moving forward.






About Tom Law:

Tom has been playing Magic since Odyssey block but took a break between Time Spiral and Dark Ascension. His personal aim in Magic is to become a permanent fixture on the Pro Tour. Similarly, his goal for Team Axion is for it to one day be uttered in the same breath as Channel Fireball or EUreka. His vision for the team when formed was to achieve this through improvement not just for themselves but also thise those around so that Team Axion Now can pull and push each other forward. This is why many members of the team still work fairly closely with their own local “satellite” teams.