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The curtain has now fallen on Nationals 2017, and what a weekend it was!

When Liz and I were touring round the country in search of a suitable venue for the event, we fell in love with The Roundhouse. And our dream took shape, which was to deliver something unique to all our Magic friends, in celebration of this long-awaited occasion. From dream to reality, it's been a long but exciting journey, involving countless hours of planning and preparation and numerous visits to Derby. That journey would never have been completed successfully if it hadn't been for the hard work, dedication and talent of Head Judge Supremo David Lyford-Smith and backstage superstar Imogen Tilley. They, and their incredible team of judges, tackled every challenge thrown into their path, and believe me, there were many!

And if the venue provides the backdrop, if the judges and Tournament Organisers look after the logistics and facilitate the smooth running of the event, it is the players who create the atmosphere. You guys were simply awesome, turning up in numbers, bringing your bounce and enthusiasm, showing kind patience when we were dealing with the inevitable small glitches - YOU made these Nationals a memorable occasion, and you made us very proud to be part of such a fantastic community.

And what a National Champion we have! I have expressed many times my huge admiration for Autumn Lillian Burchett and her unbelievable talent - this multi-format was made for her, and she simply crushed it. A record of 14 wins and 1 (intentional) draw after two gruelling days of intense competitive Magic leaves us all in awe - Autumn, that was a demolition job, and it was superbly done.

More to come about the different events (Legacy Masters, Mega Modern, PPTQ), the winners, the Top 8 players, their decklists and the metagame, but as we're preparing for one of the most eagerly anticipated prerelease weekends (no rest for the weary!)

From all of us here at Axion Now, our immense gratitude for your support, and see you all at our next Mega event!

For a more in-depth look at the tournament itself, you can find a full article on the wizards website.

About Francois Hauchard:

Dr Francois Hauchard PhD, ex-international MTG player, introduced MTG to the Chilterns in England in 2006. The hobby proved so popular and enjoyable it has turned into a business! Francois now runs Axion Now with partner, Elizabeth Kolb Barnetson.