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In this instalment of Player Spotlight we will be talking to Matt Brown. Matt is a regular on the PPTQ circuit in the East Anglia and Greater London area and a fearsome competitor in those tournaments. Often emerging victorious from all manner of tournaments at Xtreme Trades in Colchester, Matt is quietly one of the best up-and-coming players in England.


Q: Can you tell us a little about your Magic playing history?

I started playing Magic during Innistrad Block and the first event I played was a Dark Ascension Pre-Release. I have a Grand Prix Top 8 at Grand Prix Birmingham this year, playing Black/Red Aggro as well as three other Grand Prix cash finishes and a Pro Tour appearance.

My favourite deck was Mono-Blue Devotion from Theros Standard and my favourite formats are Standard and Vintage Cube Draft.


Q: What is your favourite Magic card of all time?

My favourite card is Cloudfin Raptor because of the important role it played in Mono Blue Devotion.

Q: What is your favourite Magic memory?

My favourite Magic memory is winning the Top 8 of my first RPTQ and qualifying for my first Pro Tour.


Q: Which players comprise your playtesting group?

My Magic group is the community around Xtremetrades in Colchester but I do most of my testing on Magic Online because it is far more convenient.


Q: What was your record at last year’s English Nationals?

My record at last year’s Nationals was a mediocre 6-6. My preparation was pretty poor and I didn’t play that well. Although it didn’t help being in the toughest draft pod, containing Kayure Patel, Raoul Zimmermann, Francesco Giorgio and Quentin Martin.


Q: What are you most looking forward to for this year’s English Nationals?

I am looking forward to playing the split format as you don’t often get to play that kind of event. I’m also looking forward to having the chance to try to improve on my result from last year and obviously the opportunity to hang out with friends.


Q: How likely do you think you are to win English Nationals this year?

It is hard to say. I think I have as good a chance as anyone else in the room but with the quality of English Magic and the constant rate of improvement it will be a tough tournament for anybody to win.


English Nationals run from 17th-19th August at the Watford Colosseum. More details and registration options can be found here.

About George Channing:

George has been playing competitively since 2014 and is a true grinder; with a huge number of competitive events under his belt, his results have been improving year on year. With a Grand Prix Top 8 in Modern and a few Pro Tour appearances, he aspires to become a regular on the biggest stage. George’s role on Team Axion is frequently related to metagame and decklist analysis, whilst also providing a lot of raw testing data. He most enjoys Standard with the speed and frequency of the metagame developments keeping it interesting.