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MEGA Modern Image
Jury's Inn - Milton Keynes
Doors Open: 08:30
Event Starts: 10:30
165 spaces remaining!

TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE FOR THIS EVENT! Come and register at the desk by 10.15am

The UK's No. 1 Independent Magic Event!

Welcome to the UK's most popular Magic Series - this is open to ALL players - whether you are new to competitive Magic OR whether you have been playing a while.

Players love MEGA Modern because players, judges and tournament organisers all make sure that this event is about having an enjoyable time - and the prizes are awesome too!

  As always, the MEGA Modern prize pool is generous and covers all players on a winning record.



FOR THE WINNER, a holiday worth £1500 for you and a friend including accommodation, travel and Golden Ticket (courtesy of Channel Fireball) to a Magic Fest of your choice, worldwide.

FOR THE RUNNER UP, 1 Crate (6 Boxes) of Theros Beyond Death (or Ikoria Lair of Behemoths)

FOR THE SEMI-FINALISTS, 3 Boxes of Theros Beyond Death

FOR THE QUARTER-FINALISTS, 2 Boxes of Theros Beyond Death

FOR DIAMOND TOP 8 WINNER (9th to 16th PLACE): 3 Boxes of Theros Beyond Death

FOR PLATINUM TOP 8 WINNER (17th to 24th): 1 Box of Modern Horizons

FOR CHOCOLATE TOP 8 WINNER (25th to 32nd): 1 Box of Ikoria, Lair of Behemoths

FOR RASPBERRY MUFFIN TOP 8 WINNER (33rd to 40th): 1 Box of Ikoria, Lair of Behemoths

FOR HUMBLE CARROT TOP 8 WINNER (41st to 48th): 1 Box of Ikoria, Lair of Behemoths

 FOR EVERYONE ELSE ON A WINNING RECORD, generous booster prize pool of Theros Beyond Death





Preregistration entry £45 (available until 6pm Saturday 7th March)

At the door £49.50 


Tournament Structure

The structure is Swiss

Tournament Length and Advancement

Swiss rounds will be 50 minutes in length.

Single-elimination Top 8 playoff matches will have no time limit.

7 or 8 rounds depending on number of players - Capped at 8 rounds of Swiss


Modern Constructed.

Decklists are required.


Playoff matches, will be best two of three.

Playoff matches will be single-elimination.

While there are no time limits in the playoff rounds, players are expected to play at a reasonable pace and finish their matches within 60 minutes.

Standings after the Swiss rounds will be used to determine final order in the standings for losing players in the quarterfinal and semifinal playoff rounds.

For the first game of each match in the playoff, the player who finished higher in the Swiss rounds chooses either to play first or to play second. For subsequent games in each playoff match, the usual Play/Draw rule applies (loser of the previous game decides whether to play first in the next game).

Players are responsible for bringing their own method of tracking life totals and appropriate counters or tokens.



- If things don't go your way, there'll be a Modern Rebound event to drop into, with great MTG Goodies to win, for just £5.



£10 side event

- It's all organised by the good people of Axion Now, the UK's favourite tournament organiser with a great reputation for bringing the UK Magic community together for friendly, well-run Magic events
- Based at Radisson Blu, a comfortable hotel which is home to many of the UK's most successful Magic events over the last 5 years, including the world's largest PTQ
- Magic the Gathering cards & merchandise specialist 'Axion Now' will be trading at the event
- order cards in advance & pick them up on the day at www.axionnow.com 
- browse the stand on the day
- sell your cards for cash or store credit.


 Start time 10:30hrs.
Estimated finish time: Main event 17:30hrs (for up to 128 players)
REL: Competitive (you will need a decklist and it will be picked up at the beginning of Round One)
There is wheelchair accessible with parking just outside. The tournament room is on the first floor with a lift andd no steps
Call the hotel concierge for specific venue information
We will be able to help you with tournament information - fixed seating is readily available.


 When life gets in the way ...
- Those who get a message to us to cancel up to 6 pm the night before: we will refund in full (text Liz on 07899034266 or liz@axionnow.com)
- Players who cancel on the day but prior to the event: we refund IF we can fill their space (text 07899 034 266)
- Players who do not turn up for the event: there is no refund






Midsummer Boulevard,
Milton Keynes
 Public Transport Info

At the heart of the city centre, Jurys Inn Milton Keynes is ideally situated on Midsummer Boulevard with an easy five minute walk from Milton Keynes Central Rail station, and just over the road from a main bus line.

The Milton Keynes Council has some useful information on their public transport pages. Click here.  

BUSES: The nearest bus stop is located just outside the hotel. As you turn right outside of the doors you will see bus stops located on either side of the dual carriageway approx 1-minute walk. In each stop it will display the destination and the stops along the way. But please do not hesitate to ask reception for further directions or travelling advice.

TRAIN: Milton Keynes Central Station - From train station, hotel is on the right on Midsummer Boulevard. Approx 5 mins walk.

 Driving Directions

Motorway Links M1 - Leave the M1 at junction 14, then at roundabout take 1st exit onto the A509 (signposted Milton Keynes). Follow A509 to H5 Portway (signposted Central Milton Keynes). At North Secklow roundabout, take 1st exit onto Secklow Gate (signposted Shopping) Turn right onto Silbury Boulevard. Take 2nd left onto Witan Gate. Hotel is on the left at Midsummer Boulevard.

Luton Airport - 28 Miles At airport roundabout, follow signs for Airport Way - A1081. At Kidney Wood roundabout, take 2nd exit onto the M1 (signposted The North). Leave the M1 at junction 14, then at roundabout take 1st exit onto the A509 (signposted Milton Keynes). Follow A509 to H5 Portway (signposted Central Milton Keynes). At North Secklow roundabout, take 1st exit onto Secklow Gate (signposted Shopping) Turn right onto Silbury Boulevard. Take 2nd left onto Witan Gate. The hotel is on the left at Midsummer Boulevard.


Car Parking - Public car parking is available nearby the hotel - generally 50p per hour on a Sunday ( charges can vary)