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Pioneer - WPN Qualifier Image
PIONEER - WPN QUALIFIER31/07/2022Pioneer
White Hill Centre - Chesham
Doors Open: 10:30
Event Starts: 11:00
30 spaces remaining!

Pioneer - WPN Qualifier

 Competitive Magic is back!

 Earn your spot at the Legacy European Championship in Sofia (format is Pioneer) by winning this Qualifier.

If you win, you'll receive a £250 bursary to help get you to Sofia to compete.

The rest of the Top 8 will walk away with their choice of a box of Streets of New Capenna or Commander Legends 2: Battle for Baldur's Gate.

For players on a winning record (10 points or more) there will be Streets of New Capenna Boosters on offer.




 The Top 8 will receive a Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx promo card (the winner's version will be foil).


Event Details

Doors Open: 10:30

Event Starts: 11:00

No. of Rounds: 6 + Cut to Top 8 (Single Elimination)

Price: £35

Format: Pioneer

Decklists required (collected during Round 1)


Rebound Event

Starts: Beginning of Round 4 

Price: £10

Format: Pioneer

Top Prize - A Box of Mystery Boosters: Convention Edition



We use Eventlink and the Companion app to produce pairings and enter results, so you will need a Wizards account and the Companion app downloaded to participate.


Cards for the event


- LIMITED SINGLES SELECTION AVAILABLE AT THE VENUE -  (we strongly advise ordering in advance to avoid disappointment) 



Trade and sell your cards at the event. Nick will be there to serve you. If you have a large collection to sell, just contact him in advance so he is ready to help you. 

Here are the details or phone 01494 728181


REFUND POLICY When life gets in the way ... 

Ticket price includes £5 non-refundable booking fee. 

- Those who get a message to us to cancel up to 6pm the night before: we will refund ( or text 07899 034 266)

- Players who cancel on the day but prior to the event: we refund IF we can fill their space (text 07899 034 266)

- Players who do not turn up for the event: there is no refund 

If Government guidelines mean we cannot run the event then we will refund any ticket purchase.

White Hill
United Kingdom