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About Us

Axion Now is a small team focussing on the Mind Sport and Trading Card Game, Magic: The Gathering.

Since our launch in 2014 we have cultivated a warm, friendly community of Magic players who share our enthusiasm for the game.  We meet at our events across the UK, at our online stote and at our centre in Amersham. From these humble origins we have become one of the premier hosts of MTG events in the UK, regularly hosting our famous ‘Gatherings' where we celebrate the breadth of offerings MTG can give, whist allowing friends from across the country to meet up and share in their favourite hobby.

Axion Now is also a card vendor, with players and collectors from around the world visiting us to buy and trade in everything from singles through to huge collections.

MTG is a terrific game, with tremendous benefits, not least of which is the fantastic community you will meet along the way. At the Axion Now we offer opportunities to play and meet other players,  advice and heaps of enthusiasm.

It is an open club, with adults and those over 13 years old welcome. We have a regular weekly schedule of events on top of our weekend ‘feature’ events.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

The Axion Now Family


Contact us

Axion Now MTG Centre

Merritt House

Hill Avenue





Tel: 01494 728181