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Magic Accessories - The Lowdown

So, you now know what Magic is and how to play but you've come into Axion Now and seen the huge range of Magic accessories that we sell. It can be overwhelming, so we'll try and explain what everything is and why you may want one for yourself!



So, you have a brand new Deck of Magic The Gathering cards and you want to keep them looking perfect?

Sleeves are one of the most important, non-Magic card product you will buy. Fundamentally they keep your cards safe when you play with them, preventing the edges getting damaged as you shuffle and keeping them away from anything that may be spilled on your playing surface. They also make it much easier to shuffle your deck, an integral part of the game and something you will be having to do after every game at the very least. Sleeves allow the cards to genly glide over each other rather than jamming into each other as you shuffle them.

There is a huge range of sleeves, from £1.95 to over £10. When you're just starting out it's fine to go for the cheaper end of sleeve but if you decide to venture into competing in tournaments you will likely find the greater durability and finish of the more expensive sleeves provide a better experience and will help you avoid any issues with marked cards.


Deck Boxes

The next most important accessory for keeping your cards safe is a Deck Box. Again, there is a wide range, with a variety of price points that allow you to get exactly what you need for storing your decks. Some provide additional space for extras, such as dice, but fundamentally they all provide a space for you to store your Decks.



So you've got your cards protected and stored safely. The next thing you may want is a Playmat. A Playmat provides the perfect surface for playing cards, with a surface that provides enough traction so the cards don't slip around with enough give in the surface to make it much easier to pick them up. If you've ever struggled to pick up a card from a flat surface you'll know how infuriating it can be. Having your own Playmat means that you know wherever you play, you'll have the perfect surface.



Dice provide many functions within the game of Magic, from providing a fair means of determining who goes first to representing different counters or objects within the game itself. Dice are available in all diffferent colours and sizes to reflect your preference and personality.