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CommandFest FAQs

CommandFest FAQs

 With CommandFest approaching, we have grouped some of the most common questions and answers we have received.


Q. Can I come to CommandFest without a Pass just to have a look around?

A. Unfortunately no. There is limited space in the venue and for safety reasons we have to restrict entry to pass holders only.


Q. I have my proof of purchase email but no tickets. When will I receive them?

A. The proof of purchase email is all that you need for the event. We will not be sending out physical or eTickets for the event. When you arrive there will be an area where you can receive all your registration rewards.


Q. How do I pre-register for the Mystery Booster Sealed?

A. The only way to pre-register for the Mystery Booster Sealed is to purchase the Myster Booster Pass. If there are spaces on the day you will be able to register for the Mystery Booster Sealed with your Event Entry Vouchers.


Q. Can I use Proxies/Gold-Border Cards at CommandFest?

A. No. All events are Wizards-sanctioned, and thus only Magic: The Gathering cards as defined in Sections 3.3-3.5 of the Magic Tournament Rules are allowed. You can find the MTR at -tournament-rules.


Q. Is John Avon only meeting Mythic Pass holders?

A. No, John Avon has kindly made himself available for all attendees of CommandFest but will be allocating some dedicated time to Mythic Pass holders. Due to John's ongoing health condition, he kindly asks that you wear a mask (provided) when you come visit his booth.


Q. What are the rules for 'Tribal' Commander?

A. Full rules for how we will be running our Tribal Commander event can be found here.


Q. Will you be running Double Masters 2 events at the CommandFest?

A. The focus of the CommandFest is Commander and the only Drafts available will be Baldurs Gate. So there will be no Double Masters 2 events.