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Deck Lists

Modern for Goodies Jan 2019 Image
Modern for Goodies Jan 2019

Top 8 decklists

Legacy for Christmas Goodies 2019 Image
Legacy for Christmas Goodies 2018
Modern for Christmas Goodies Image
Modern for Christmas Goodies. Dec 2018

The Top 8 decklists from Axion Now's 47 players Modern for Christmas Goodies on Sunday 2nd Dec 2018

PPTQ Standard: The Finale! Image
PPTQ Standard: The Finale!

The Top 8 decklists from Axion Now's 47 players Standard PPTQ on Sunday November 11th 2018.

In Atlanta, the Pro Tour this weekend is dominated by White-Red Aggro, played by all 4 semi-finalists... ...meanwhile, back at the ranch in Amersham, there was more variety, and Luke Twist won our Standard PPTQ with Jeskai Control, overcoming Archie Owen playing Pink Weenie (mono White with a touch of Red in the sideboard) in the final.

Great job Lukas, and good luck at the RPTQ!

Congratulations to the rest of the Top 8.


Mega Modern Nov 2018 Image
Mega Modern Nov 2018

All about Mega Modern Nov 2018.

Decklists that made the top 8...