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Mega Weekend

MEGA Modern Image
MEGA Modern

MEGA Modern returns with another opportunity to win the 'Magic Holiday of a Lifetime'

WPNQ Final Image
WPNQ Final

The culmination of our Axion Now WPNQ series of Preliminaries is this Final, invite-only, event! The prizes will be mind-blowing AND you can qualify for the Regional Players Tour. Make sure you earn your spot by Top 8'ing one of our Preliminaries.

Historic Sealed - Khans of Tarkir Image
Historic Sealed Side Event - Khans of Tarkir

Historic Sealed

Khans of Tarkir


Once again, Axion Now is proud to announce we will be holding an Historic Sealed Event.

Khans of Tarkir is one of THE best Limited formats of all time.

Coupling powerful cards, with huge potential for multi-colour decks and diverse archetypes PLUS the potential to open the Multi-Format All Star Fetchlands, you won't want to miss it!

Chaos Draft Image
On Demand - Chaos Draft


Chaos Draft


On Demand, all weekend long!

Each player guaranteed at least 1 high tier booster.

Test yourself with the ultimate Limited format challenge.

Can you recognise what makes a Magic card powerful?

Can you adapt to an ever changing format?

Prove it in Chaos Draft!

Commander Image

For all you Commander fans there will be a dedicated area for you to play some epic games.

There will also be a huge selection of Commander singles available at the Trade stand.

Mega RPTQ General Info Image
General Info

Full weekend schedule coming soon!

Mega Weekend Location Image
Mega Weekend Location

Join the fun at the Jury's Inn in Milton Keynes.

It's a fantastic, spacious venue in the centre of town.

Milton Keynes is easily accessible by car (M1), plane (Luton airport) and train.

Many great Magic events have been successfully held here, including large PTQs and Mega GPTs.

Click 'Find Out More' below for hotel recommendations, transport links, parking and more information.

Mega RPTQ Traders Image

All your trading needs catered for over the weekend!

Axion Now will be trading & will also be available for your advanced orders.

So you will be able to buy, sell and trade your cards and purchase any accessories you may need in advance or on the day.

Axion Now is happy to offer an on-site delivery service.

Click this link for the website