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Dredge - Dominic Saunders


Dredge - Dominic Saunders - 1st in Swiss


Main Deck

3x Lightning Axe

4x Nature’s Claim4x Prized Amalgam

4x Bloodghast

4x Cathartic Reunion

2x Conflagrate

4x Creeping Chill

1x Darkblast

4x Faithless Looting

2x Golgari Thug

4x Life from the Loam

4x Narcomeba

4x Shriekhorn

4x Stinkweed Imp

2x Arid Mesa

2x Blood Crypt

2x Bloodstained Mire

4x Copperline Gorge

1x Gemstone Mine

2x Mountain

2x Scalding Tarn

2x Stomping Ground

2x Wooded Foothills



2x Ancient Grudge

2x Damping Sphere

4x Leyline of the Void