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Parents & Teachers

Important Information

For teachers & parents, the appeal of MTG is wide. It is a registered Mindsport (like Chess & Scrabble) as it encourages strategic thinking, numeracy & literacy. It also has social benefits as it gets a diverse group of people of all ages together to share in a common activity governed by strict rules.

Would you like guidance or help with a school club? We have plenty of experience & can give you some common-sense tips for setting up and running a successful club at school.

Our tournaments are open to all ages from Year 4 to adults. This is not a supervised activity: we do not take responsibility of individual children. We encourage families to play together.

This game is rated in the United States as 13+ due to the fantasy & graphic images on a few cards (eg zombies)

This complex card game is played with collectable, bespoke cards and develops various skills including

  • Strategic thinking & concentration (similar to Chess)
  • Social skills: each game involves playing with others. For parents, the social skills of the game are appealing as it encourages teenagers off their electronic devices.
  • Numeracy along with probability and statistical theories. (Similar to Bridge).
  • Literacy: reading and understanding the unique properties of each card.


Parent: Year 8 Royal Grammar School, H Wycombe

"My son has been attending the card club for almost a year now and I can honestly say that he has enjoyed and experienced some of his best times at the club. Francois and Liz are inspirational. Their passion in what they do to make all the events such fun for the children and their families is outstanding. The atmosphere is always super-friendly and charged with excitement and eager anticipation. MTG is not only a fun game but also a highly challenging and educational pursuit."

Parent: Year 5 The Beacon School, Amersham

"My son (age 10) was introduced to Magic through friends at his school and has been absolutely engaged by the game (which has helped his concentration and schoolwork!) The club is friendly, inclusive and very welcoming to new members, with lots of support to help them learn the game. He can't wait until each Friday comes around, and only wishes there were more opportunities to play."

Parent: Chesham Grammar & Chesham Prep

"My sons, aged 11 and 15, have been attending these tournaments for the past two years, both in the evenings and sometimes on weekends. They both enjoy the card tournaments tremendously and I think it is a wonderful way to get them away from the computer/television screen and to socialize with other like-minded adolescents. The club runs across a range of ages so it is a great opportunity for building confidence and social skills. As the card tournaments can also extend over a period of hours, it is a great way to build concentration levels.

I have no hesitation in recommending tournaments run by Liz and Francois."