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Mega Weekend

Saturday 7th September Image
Saturday 7th September

 European Modern Series Finals



Each participant will receive one of these awesome Arcbound Ravager promo cards!

The Top 8 players will each receive a SDCC Promo 2019 collection.

The winner will earn an invite to the Mythic Championship!

Saturday 7th September Image
Saturday 7th September

Team Trio Constructed


Team up with your friends and show off your skill across the three main Constructed formats: Standard, Modern and Legacy!

Team Trios is a unique play opportunity; nowhere else can you win and lose with your friends, whilst helping each other through the tough decisions.



Sunday 8th Image
Sunday 8th September

 'Mega' Modern MCQ


It's MEGA, it's Modern and this time it's an MCQ too!

Saturday Legacy 7 September Image
Saturday 7th September

More info coming soon...

Sunday Legacy 8 September Image
Sunday 8th September

More info coming soon...

Mega RPTQ General Info Image
General Info

Full weekend schedule coming soon

Mega RPTQ Location Image
Location & Accommodation

Join the fun at the Radisson Blu Stansted a fantastic, spacious venue.

Stansted is easily accessible by car (M11), plane (Stansted airport) and train incl Stansted Express.

Click 'Find Out More' below for parking recommendations.



Click 'Find Out More' below for hotel recommendations.

Mega RPTQ Traders Image

All your trading needs catered for over the weekend!

Axion Now will be trading & will also be available for your advanced orders.

So you will be able to buy, sell and trade your cards and purchase any accessories you may need in advance or on the day.

Axion Now is happy to offer an on-site delivery service.

Click this link for the website

Mega RPTQ Side Events Image
Side Events

The weekend's side events to be announced