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Wednesday Night Magic

Join us for a relaxed evening of Magic - whether you are new to Magic, just returning or been playing for a while, have an entertaining evening in the company of like-minded people.

Doors open at 7pm. 


Every Wednesday Evening: DRAFT 8pm

£13 entry with a 5-3-2-2 prize pool for a pod of 8, and of course our trademark dice competition to award the 'lucky loser mystery prize' - 1 booster per win.


(Monthly) Legacy: 1st Wednesday in the month 7.30pm

(Monthly) Pauper: 2nd Wednesday in the month 7.30pm

(Monthly) Modern: 3rd Wednesday in the month 7.30pm 

(Monthly) Modern: Last Wednesday in the month 7.30pm 

For all formats, if you would like to play and do not have a deck, we may be able to lend one to you. Please contact us in advance to check availability of decks.


Legacy - Modern - Pauper will be a 4-round tournament, entry £6 with Axion points to be won, redeemable for goodies (the more points, the better the goodies!).

Commander - casual play. The players here tend to enjoy longer games, in a relaxed and chilled out atmosphere. Generally the decks are more casual to mid-tier play level. However, if you would  like to bring your amazing powerful commander deck as well as your more casual one, please feel free to pack it, to see whether on that occasion, there may be a few like decks to play together. 


Questions & Answers 

Are beginners welcome?
All players all levels of knowledge welcome. A lot of the players are pretty new, and that's why other players bring extra decks. 

Are there any larger, competitive events?
Axion Now runs larger event at weekends. To find out the date of the next event, just ask.