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What is Magic the Gathering?

What is Magic: the Gathering?

Put simply, ‘Magic’, as it is commonly known, is a strategy card game, considered as a ‘Mind Sport’ like Chess, Scrabble or Bridge.

It features a very large number of unique cards (over 10,000 currently) and thousands more cards are added every year providing endless possibilities of winning. The fantasy imagery, complex rules and evolving game creates enduring appeal.  Playing magic is exciting with an ever changing array of strategies. 

The game has longevity: it has been in existence internationally since 1993. It was created by US Maths Professor, Richard Garfield, acquired by Wizards of The Coast, now a subsidiary of gaming giant, Hasbro Inc. Magic the Gathering is the fastest growing mind sport worldwide with approx. 20 million players.

This mind sport has the support of a national patron in the person of Rachel Riley, of Countdown fame.

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How Does it Work?

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Axion Now currently run tournaments on evenings, weekends and periodically through the holidays.

The most commonly played form of the game is 1 vs 1 (like Chess), although it can involve more than 2 players in other popular formats such as 2 vs 2 (Two Headed Giant), 3 vs 3 (Team Trio) or Multiplayer (Commander or other).

Each game represents a battle between wizards who use spells, creatures, artifacts, and enchantments depicted on individual cards to defeat their opponent.

These individual cards are drawn from a pack of 60 cards (some versions use 40 or 100) referred to as a ‘deck’ which has been designed by the player. There are constraints limiting the number of the same card you can play in your deck, but even so, the amount of different decks which can be built is almost infinite!